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CCM FT470 Skate Senior

The CCM JetSpeed FT470 ice hockey skates are built for the weekly players who need a low-profile fit, good comfort, and the right performance features to play their best when they hit the ice. 

  • A low-profile fit for skaters with low-volume dimensions
  • Rocketframe composite for high-level material
  • SpeedBlade XS holder for a fast blade-release system
  • SpeedBlade XS Stainless runner for a long lasting edge
  • Smooth Contour pads for enhanced comfort
  • Multi density memory foam for a customized feel
  • HD micro-fiber for good resistance to wear

Pure Hockey understands the importance of finding the right skate for your game. When making your purchase, start with fit. If you’re unsure, or you’re looking for the most accurate measurement you can get, visit your local Pure Hockey store. The JetSpeed FT470 is a low-profile skate, best for players with low-volume foot dimensions. The skate design uses Metaframe technology for a solid shape and fit, and Rocketframe composite material for high-level construction. While this boot isn’t as stiff as the higher end models, it still provides good rigidity for skating performance. 

CCM includes their top-of-the-line SpeedBlade Xchange System holder in the FT470 model. This new holder system makes switching out damaged or broken blades easy, thanks to the implementation of BladeLock technology. To make a switch, simply roll the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, then pull the damaged blade out. Replace your runner by lining up the notches of the steel with the spaces in the holder and turning back the dial to fully engage and lock in the new blade. Because this positive-lock mechanism tightly secures the runner to the holder, you will get the added performance benefit of increased energy transfer from the boot to the blade, improving your striding.

Like the JetSpeed FT480, the FT470 includes the SpeedBlade XS Stainless runner attached to the new holder system. This blade provides a long-lasting edge for extended performance, especially for those players who are only skating a couple times per week or less. 

For comfort, CCM includes Smooth Contour pads around the collar of the boot, and symmetrical multi-density foam for ankle padding. These memory foam comfort pads wrap around the ankle, providing quality comfort while also offering you a personalized fit. 

Also featured inside the skate is an HD micro-fiber liner with Durazone abrasion protection for added comfort and resistance to wear; an anatomical response footbed for solid support, and a 7-mm felt tongue with embossed lace-bite protection.

The CCM JetSpeed FT470 may sit at a lower price point, but it includes plenty of high-level features and technologies, with the right comfort and feel for the casual players who are still looking for performance benefits to help their game.