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Skate Sharpening times may vary, high volume times are  after school and on weekends.

A skate sharpening usually takes 5-10 mins per pair. 

We have two Dupliskate Sharpeners that can sharpen any traditional hollow.

We also have two commercial grade Sparz machines that can sharpen any traditional hollow along with Flat Bottom V which they call Fire. We offer skate profiling upon requests  Any new skate purchased from us includes a complimentary skate sharpening and if requested a profile at no charge.

This is our 41st year in business, we were estblished in 1979.

We offer team pricing for team orders please email us with any iquiries you may have.

Yes we can order just about any item in as we have access to most of the major brands in the industry.

Yes we are a Drop of Zone for Fresh Gear Disinfect and Deodorize. We can clean your Hockey,Football,Lacrosse gear. Gear Cleaning usually takes 1-2 days.