CCM ASV- Pro Skate

Engineered specifically for the elite power skater, the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior Hockey Skate slots itself right at the top of the line with various tech to fully support intense strides. Some materials and tech to make note of include the RFM composite carbon material, D3O foam, Powerflex tendon guard, and one-piece boot, Step Black Steel

Skate Fit & Stiffness Profile
The AS-V Pro has been designed to fit closer and much stiffer than other CCM lines. To provide the most support to strong skaters, the skates bolster a 215 stiffness rating, the stiffest of all current CCM skates. Stiff skates may be tough to break in and use at first, but they are best for skaters with big strides and won’t wear down as easily, even if you are skating most of the week. With the Powerflex tendon guard, new to the Tacks line, you can still achieve a wide range of motion despite the skate’s stiffness. The tendon guard not only adds that extra maneuverability you need, but it’s also tough and lightweight to keep that area protected.