The CCM Tacks 9370 Skates offer a ton of value and performance for the price. Suitable for competitive hockey, the 9370's boast a much more supportive and protective boot courtesy of the new MetaFrame Technology. 

Another key benefit of MefaFrame Technology is the improved fit. The 9380 hugs the natural contours of the foot for a custom-like fit and feel. Throughout the inside, CCM used much thicker foams that better mold around the foot for a new level of comfort. 

Below the boot, the Tacks 9370's showcase the quick-releasing SpeedBlade XS Holder. In case you break your runners or if you need to swap them out, the tool-less dial system lets you do it in seconds! 

Also worth noting these skates come with pre-sharpened runners, which means they are game-ready right out of the box! They come with a 5/8" hollow which is great for the entry-level to competitive hockey players!