New for the 2020-2021 season, Bauer is bringing their Nexus stick line back with the Bauer Nexus 3N Pro Grip Senior Hockey stick. With a new shaft shape and new tech, Bauer is giving hockey players an incredibly light and versatile stick that gives the ability to do anything from anywhere on the ice.

Starting with the newest feature of the Bauer Nexus 3N Pro, the ER SPINETECH, a 5-sided shaft geometry that allows for less carbon fiber layers in the key loading area of the stick. This will benefit the stick in numerous ways. The 5-sided shape provides a unique feel which helps to contour to the players hands for maximized feel and control. It also creates a faster energy transfer to the blade. Combine that with the optimized mid-kick flex profile that allows you to lean into your shots easier, and you have a stick that allows for powerful and quick shots alike.

The shaft of the Bauer Nexus 3N Pro is made of Bauer’s ever-popular TeXtreme carbon fiber material. Not only is this patented material 20% lighter, but it is even more durable! This industry leading carbon fiber construction allows the Nexus 3N Pro to be a very lightweight and durable stick coming in at 420 grams.

The Bauer Nexus 3N Pro has also been designed with an HP MOLD, which creates a true 1-piece feel that improves overall playability. With the signature black and blue color scheme the nexus is known for, you have a slick and clean looking one-piece stick.

Down in the blade of the Bauer Nexus 3N Pro, Bauer has gone with a MaxBalance blade that reduces weight while maintaining durability and a balanced feel in the blade. This will keep it durable for longer without sacrificing the faster release.

If you are a Top-level player looking for a versatile stick that is light but does not sacrifice durability or power, Look no further than the Bauer Nexus 3N Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick.

Orders shipped within 2-4 business days depending on availability